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Our Values

Our company values describe the minimum qualities we hope to bring to our products, but also our relationship with our suppliers and customers, and by extension our relationship with the environment.



Our products are designed to be as soft as babies need them to be, they are designed to do what they are supposed to do and they do not generate pollution because they are designed to last.



We strongly believe that every choice counts in our commitment to improving the world we live in. At Mandarina, we constantly strive to do our best as a company to protect our planet. That's why we choose materials of the highest quality and durability.


Mandarina wants to develop on the basis of respect for the environment, respect for its employees, suppliers, collaborators and customers. We therefore strive to exceed their expectations and to establish a relationship of mutual and lasting trust.



Our customers change their baby's diapers between 4 and 6 times a day, so we want to make sure they are diapers they will enjoy.

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